If you were born between March 21 – April 19, then you are energetic, confident and outgoing. Sometimes you’re mistakenly described as “confrontational”, but most of the time you’re pretty easy-going… those who call you confrontational are the ones who have done something triggering and got the horns! ^_^

You likely have a tendency to set goals for yourself and aren’t satisfied until you achieve them. After all, there’s no feeling like reaching the finish line. Luckily, you’re one of those people whose confidence comes from inside and doesn’t rely on what other people think.

Relationship ideas

When it comes to dating, you seem to prefer to be the one doing the pursuing, because that keeps it exciting. If someone keeps “pursuing you” it can be fun for awhile, but quickly gets boring when you have a more passive role. You need a partner who can stimulate you not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally… they’ll need to be able to keep up with your stamina!

Some compatibility ideas are passionate people such as Leo, Sagittarius or even Scorpio – who will keep you on your toes!

Career ideas

Due to your mix of confidence and your easy-going nature, you make an excellent boss. That means you could be a general manager, store owner, etc. but do take advantage of your leadership skills. As a rule you likely respect your staff, but if they’re doing something you don’t like, you tend to be blunt enough to bring it to their attention and help them change.

Some things you could do for work may be professional athlete (any sport), or entrepreneur/business start-up.

Your color(s)

Red, or anything overly “vibrant” like hot pink. Power colors work well on you ^_^

Celebrities with your sign

Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Reese Witherspoon (and Vince Vaughn), Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon), David Harbour (Stranger Things’ Hopper).

Zoo’d character with your sign

Best pet

Someone with your energy and natural athleticism, would do well with an energetic dog like a Jack Russell or German Shepard.

Wear with pride:

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