If you were born between June 21 – July 22, then you are often a gentle person with a sweet nature, who genuinely cares about others. Sadly, with empathy comes sensitivity and your feelings can be easily hurt, which is what can lead to the “crabbiness” you may get razzed about, occasionally.

Sometimes when feeling hurt, you just need to retreat from other people for awhile, and indulge in comforts such as music, baking, journaling, or a hot bubble bath. And other times, your inner power emerges and you can shock people with your boldness and edginess.

Relationship ideas

People are naturally drawn to your sensitive nature, so it’s not uncommon for you to have a lot of potential suitors. They often want to dote on you because you’re alluring, but beware that some also want to take advantage of your warm kindness for their own needs. Tempting as they may be, you really should wait for someone who loves back as much as you do ^_^

Your best matches for love would be another sensitive soul such as Pisces, Virgo or even Taurus.

Career ideas

Due to your sensitive and kind nature, you tend to be a very agreeable and hard-working employee, who bosses love! However, it’s probably best to steer clear of jobs in retail or fast food where customers can be downright mean sometimes. You are well-suited to caretaker jobs such as in a nursing home or even a veterinarian.

Your color(s)

Pastel shades (lilac, sky blue), and soft metallics such as bluish-silver.

Celebrities with your sign

Tom Cruise, (the late but great) Robin Williams, Ariana Grande, Kristen Bell, Will Ferrell, Selena Gomez, Sir Patrick Stewart.

Zoo’d character with your sign

Best pet

Something soft & cuddly, like a ragdoll cat, angora rabbit or a yorkie pup.

Wear with pride:

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