Can you answer these questions?

  1. Which two characters are part canine?
  2. In Spring 2017, which 3 were the first characters?
  3. What is Rabbird’s favorite hobby?
  4. What type of home does Octomouse live in?
  5. Why is the sky purple on planet Zurbpod?
  6. How many of them have wings?
  7. Which character loves juicy strawberries?
  8. In their ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ song, who got “Seven Sleeps-a-snoring”?
  9. Which gentle character loves to grow flowers?
  10. On which popular website do they have a fun quiz?
  11. Whose favorite food is cotton candy?
  12. Which cartoonist/animator most inspired our mommy to make us?
  13. What is the “sand” on their beach made of?
  14. What is Unicat’s biggest fear?
  15. Which character lives in an igloo?
  16. Who is best friends with Elefox?
  17. Which two characters have a beak?
  18. How many character names start with the letter P?
  19. Which character has bright green eyes? Which one has red eyes?
  20. What is Beever most afraid of?


  1. Froogle and Dogosaur are both part dog (poodle and golden retriever, respectively).
  2. In the Spring of 2017, Unicat, Dogosaur and Rabbird were the first 3 characters designed.
  3. Rabbird’s favorite hobby is poetry, especially haikus.
  4. Octomouse lives in a sandcastle.
  5. The sky is purple on their planet, because the clouds are cotton candy.
  6. Five characters have wings: Parrofly, Slowan, Beever, Rabbird, and Zebat (Penguana’s are swimming flippers).
  7. 1.Zebat loves juicy strawberries – ooh la la!
  8. In their ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ song, Slowan got ‘seven sleeps-a-snoring’.
  9. Beever loves to grow flowers.
  10. These characters have a fun quiz on Buzzfeed.
  11. Froogle’s favorite food is cotton candy (ironically her fur looks like the sweet stuff).
  12. Our mommy is most inspired by classic Walt Disney character designs and animation.
  13. The beach’s sand is made of brown sugar (called Brown Sugar Beach).
  14. Unicat’s biggest fear is losing her golden horn.
  15. Penguana lives in an igloo, made of brown sugar on the beach.
  16. Dogosaur is best friends with Elefox – so similar they’re almost brothers!
  17. Only Parrofly and Penguana have a beak, as they are both part bird.
  18. 3 characters’ names start with a ‘P’: Pandaroo, Parrofly and Penguana.
  19. Zebat has bright green eyes, and Dogosaur has red eyes.
  20. Beever is most afraid of garden spiders – some of them are pretty darn big!

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