If you were born between July 23 – August 22, then you are dynamic, charismatic, warm & friendly, and passionate! Some of the less confident people may find you intimidating, but overall most people are drawn to your vibrant personality ^_^

Most Leos are big kitty cats who want love & affection, but you don’t need to look too far to receive it. You have a natural beauty and intense confidence, as well as intelligence and love of a good time! Therefore you’re basically one of the most fun people to be around.

Relationship ideas

When you find someone who is confident enough to stand beside you throughout life, nothing will be too good for your baby. Strawberry champagne and diamonds? Sure! You’re actually very loyal once you find someone you want to commit to – they just have to be fascinating and stand out from the crowd.

You may be most compatible with Libra, Pisces or Gemini. Aquarius can also be a fascinating match.

Career ideas

Great choices for an attractive (which is all) Leo include modelling, acting, singing, or any other type of performance. You may also be drawn to jobs in news media or celeb gossip culture.

Your color(s)

Gold, copper, and anything sparkly.

Celebrities with your sign

Jennifer Lopez, Daniel Radcliffe, J.K. Rowling, Steve Carell, Jim Davis (Garfield(TM) cartoonist), Rose Byrne, Matt LeBlanc, Maya Rudolph.

Zoo’d character with your sign

Best pet

A kind of eclectic pet like a ferret, or unusual-looking cat.

Wear with pride:

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