If you were born between September 23 – October 22, then you are the deepest and most emotional of the 3 air signs. Perhaps this is because you’re considered the most romantic of all 12 signs, and deeply desire a solid partnership.

Socially, you tend to be popular since you’re always in-style, naturally charming (with a cute smile!) and have a warm sense of humor. Libras love to have lots of friendships so it’s unusual for you to act selfish, for fear of pushing others away and ending up alone… but please, respect yourself too and keep some healthy boundaries ^_^

(BTW, our voice-acting “daddy” Rob is also a Libra)

Relationship ideas

When it comes to love, you idealize marriage (“happily ever after”) so it’s very important you select the right partner. You find yourself drawn to exciting fire signs, but sadly that often leaves you heartbroken. Thankfully, water signs appeal to you with their gentle, exotic & alluring qualities… when you settle down, your partner needs to be able to stimulate you intellectually as well as on all the other levels, for years to come.

For compatibility, you can do well with Pisces, Cancer, or other intellectual air signs like Gemini or Aquarius.

Career ideas

At the workplace, most Libras are cool-headed and focused on the job at hand… but it can be hard not to get caught up in workplace gossip. You may also get sidetracked by chilling with a work bestie, or worse yet, developing a work crush – which is very distracting!

You have an appreciation for beauty in art and music, so you may become a creator yourself, or possibly a critic of films, food, art… you know, the wine-sipping gallery life ^_^

It’s also not uncommon for Libras to work in the fashion industry as designers or even models! If not there, then probably in sales.

Your color(s)

Pastel colors such as sky blue, lilac, and cotton-candy pink.

Celebrities with your sign

Gwen Stefani, Will Smith, Noah Schnapp, Serena Williams, Avril Lavigne, Mario Lopez and rapper Cardi B.

Zoo’d character with your sign

Best pet

A good-looking pet like a show cat or a poodle. Something that makes a statement.

Wear with pride:

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