Cross Between:

A friendly bumble bee and a hard-working beaver.


He’s the second-smallest (only to Octomouse), but he’s an incredibly hard worker. Usually he’s growing flowers and lovingly tending to the nature around him. Thankfully he’s got no stinger, though he can give a pretty wicked slap with his tail if triggered. Luckily for everyone, he’s very gentle and sensitive.

When he’s not growing flowers, he’s quite the social “butterfly” (close enough!) and likes to buzz around and chat with his buddies. He can be incredibly helpful and surprisingly strong for his small size.

Funniest Moment:

Beever uses his tail to “pat down” the soil when planting. One day he went to do this when the soil was a bit too wet, and he must’ve slapped too hard because he ended up covered in mud! Poor little guy, hahaha.

Random Facts:

  • Biggest Fear: Spiders, because they can be unpredictable!
  • Favorite Food: Cinnamon hearts – spicy!
  • Best Friend: Parrofly – they like to have flying races
  • Favorite Color: Pastels and neons that look like flowers. Also likes floral prints, especially on fashion.
  • Birthday: September 5 (Virgo).
  • Talent: Building/engineering, and nurturing. Some baking.
  • Lives in: A dam next to Zurbpod Lake.
  • Ambivert

Voice Sounds Similar To:

Nigel Thornberry (of the “Wild Thornberrys”, voiced by Tim Curry). Only with Beever, his “nasal British accent” is significantly higher pitched. Sometimes he gets mistaken for a girl because he’s currently voiced by one – me.

Actual Size:

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