Cross Between:

A friendly golden retriever and big stegosaurus.


(Loosely based on my goofy husband Rob, who is an amazing help with these characters, including voicing them with me on occasion). Dogosaur is sort of “clumsy”, partly because he’s so big and tends to forget about it. After all he is just a doggy ^_^

Sometimes he comes across as selfish or even aggressive, but he has no desire to be a bully. He’s just a little impulsive sometimes… aren’t we all?

Underneath the intimidating exterior, he’s a vulnerable puppy who just wants to play, and rejection sometimes leaves him “emotional”.

Funniest Moment:

Dogosaur has a “habit” of knocking Froogle into the water for a laugh. One day when he went to do this, Slowan was nearby and swept Froogle out of the way with his wing, which caused Dogosaur to keep going and run right into the water!

Random Facts:

  • Biggest Fear: Going extinct… Pandaroo told him that there were dinosaurs once on Earth, and that’s how they all disappeared.
  • Favorite Food: Candied almonds.
  • Best Friend: Elefox – they can relate to each other’s giant size and love of food, plus they can get pretty goofy sometimes.
  • Favorite Color: Lime green – he likes it bright!
  • Birthday: April 2 (Aries).
  • Talent: Stomping, licking. Playing fetch with huge items, like a broccoli tree. Eating and having contests with Elefox.
  • Lives in: Giant house near Zurbpod Lake.
  • Extrovert

Voice Sounds Similar To:

Perhaps like Clifford the Big, Red Dog…. at least, most of the time Dogosaur is talking, he can’t help the occasional pant, growl or outright BARK! And when he’s trigged, he can roar! Currently voiced by Rob Januszewski.

Actual Size:

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