Cross Between:

A toy poodle and a pond frog.


She may be adorable (so fluffy!) but she isn’t easy to hold onto… she often quietly observes others, and when overwhelmed, she’ll jump away from the moment. She likes her friends of course, but often has trouble being overly open and trusting – vulnerability is scary!

For instance, sometimes one of her friends will tease her because she looks like what they call a “sheep” on Earth… she does not appreciate that. Thankfully she is a very earnest – albeit blunt – friend. If she sees something, she’ll say something for the other’s own good!

Funniest Moment:

One time, while chilling next to Zurbpod Lake, she got knocked in the water by Dogosaur… she came up with her fluffy wool all flat and looked similar to a wet dog in a bath tub!

Random Facts:

  • Biggest Fear: Getting wet and ruining her wool!
  • Favorite Food: Cotton candy.
  • Best Friend: Octomouse – they’re both smaller, and both feel vulnerable (also both water signs).
  • Favorite Color: Emerald green, especially when it shimmers.
  • Birthday: November 5 (Scorpio).
  • Talent: Hopping – can go up to 4 feet at a time. She easily wins any kind of hopping contest.
  • Lives in: A “dog house” next to Zurbpod Lake
  • Introvert

Voice Sounds Similar To:

“Sadness” from the Disney movie, Inside Out. Slow talker, and prone to sighing a fair bit. Voiced by Daryl Januszewski (me).

Actual Size:

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