Cross Between:

A kangaroo and a panda bear.


First of all, he’s insanely smart. Like nerd level smart! He has a calculator that he treats like a favorite toy, and he owns a high-powered telescope to “spy” on us Earthlings – he just loves learning ^_^

He’s sort of depressed a lot of the time though…. at least he seems that way. His demeanor is quiet and kind of pessimistic. Not sure if anything has ever made him giddy… he enjoys laying in the grass and thinking of the mysteries of the universe.

Funniest Moment:

One day, while it was raining, he offered Octomouse a ride in his pocket for some shelter. When he picked her up and went to put her in, there was a used tissue in there…. OOPS…. thankfully, though equally embarrassed and grossed out, Octomouse was polite about it ^_^

Random Facts:

  • Biggest Fear: Heights – they make him dizzy and sweaty!
  • Favorite Food: Creamy, sweet caramels.
  • Best Friend: Penguana.
  • Favorite Color: Royal blue, and colors of “authority”.
  • Birthday: May 15 (Taurus).
  • Talent: Math (solving arithmetic), riddles/puzzles. Scientific queries, studying Earth, logging discoveries.
  • Lives in: A carefully crafted “lettuce house” in Veggie Forest
  • Introvert

Voice Sounds Similar To:

The closest analogy would be the classically “sad” Donkey in the old Winnie the Pooh(TM) cartoon. Currently voiced by my husband Rob Januszewski.

Actual Size:

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