Cross Between:

A three-toed sloth and a majestic swan.


Being a proverbial “lazy skater dude” personality, he really lives up to how his name sounds like Slow One. He’s not really lazy, but the sloth in him just loves to chillax on the cool water.

Thankfully, this also means he has virtually no temper and it takes a lot (if anything) to upset him… no one’s actually seen him mad. He does like to savor the nice things in life, like naps and eating healthy.

Perhaps it’s because he sleeps so much, but he loves to discuss dreams.

Funniest Moment:

During one of his many, many naps, he ended up snoring so loud that he eventually scared himself awake!

Random Facts:

  • Biggest Fear: No longer being able to fly. It’s the most active thing he does.
  • Favorite Food: Avocado, guacamole.
  • Best Friend: Zebat – despite her flirty femininity, their connection is purely intellectual.
  • Favorite Color: Pure crystal blue, like water.
  • Birthday: July 9 (Cancer the crab)
  • Talent: Sleeping, dreaming – analyzing dreams. Relaxing and not sweating the small stuff.
  • Lives in: A tent next to Zurbpod Lake
  • Ambivert

Voice Sounds Similar To:

If you’re Canadian too, then you may remember a show on Teletoon called 6teen. On this show was a skater boy named Jude, who was very chill and sleepy… and if you’re not familiar with this, think of Fred from Disney’s Big Hero 6. Currently voiced by Rob Januszewski.

Actual Size:

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