Cross Between:

A ragdoll cat and a rainbow unicorn.


On Zurbpod, there is no BIGGER personality than Unicat’s! She is full of love for her friends, but she loves (okay, needs) to be the center of attention and sometimes it’s hurtful… and downright annoying.

Luckily, she is very earnest and loveable, and just as easy to be forgiven as she is quick to forgive others! She is not good at keeping secrets, though, lol. Sometimes her blurting causes awkward misunderstandings. She is always quick to apologize, which is good. Underneath the “diva” exterior beats a very kind heart ^_^

Funniest Moment:

One time while singing, she hit a shrieking high note, which woke up Dogosaur! He came bounding out of his house, barking and growling and poor Unicat’s tail puffed up and she ran screaming up a broccoli tree to get away! (He left when he saw her up there).

Random Facts:

  • Biggest Fear: Losing her golden horn – it wouldn’t really be a serious injury, but she feels very fancy since it’s real gold.
  • Favorite Food: Rainbow cupcakes with sprinkles – the more sugar, the merrier!
  • Best Friend: Rabbird – opposites truly do attract!
  • Favorite Color: Rainbows, because they embody everything she loves!
  • Birthday: November 30 (Sagittarius).
  • Talent: Singing… a lot of singing. Basically any type of performing.
  • Lives in: A castle made of candy
  • Extrovert

Voice Sounds Similar To:

She sounds a lot like the “annoying big sister” from the 90s cartoon, Dexter’s Laboratory – Dee Dee. Only Unicat isn’t deliberately irritating… she’s just an excitable and outgoing free spirit. I really enjoy voicing her!

Actual Size:

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