If you were born between February 19 – March 20, then you are known to be the second-most emotional sign of the Zodiac (with Cancer ranking #1). Ergo, be careful who you choose to spend your time around, because not everyone will have your best interests at heart.

Your love is pure, and your eyes sparkle with the power of the universe when you laugh. People are drawn to your sort of secretive and almost cosmic way of being… you are often poetic and creative in nature.

(BTW, our cartoonist and “mommy” is also a Pisces)

Relationship ideas

Your gentle good looks (soft eyes, pouty lips) tend to draw a crowd of admirers, and being naturally kind, it feels awkward having to turn them down… but a typical Pisces believes in “one true love” and “finding a soul mate” so you like to hold out for one special someone… just make sure that they are as kind and loyal as you are.

When you find that person, you can build a beautiful life together! Hold out for a Libra, fellow Pisces, Cancer or Taurus.

Career ideas

You tend to be very creative, so great career ideas could include musician, writer, actor, artist (like a *ahem* cartoonist), sculptor, dancer…. it’s really up to you. Because your mind is always busy with ideas you want to share, it’s wise to stay away from tedious retail and food jobs, since they’re somewhere between boring and downright frustrating to a Pisces.

You can be good at some customer service jobs as well, since you like to express love by being of service to other people. You would also excel at being a nurse or working around children.

Your color(s)

Basically, since you embody so many personality traits, the whole rainbow can represent your daily moods. Also, pastels and anything shimmery.

Celebrities with your sign

Rihanna, Drew Barrymore, Albert Einstein, Adam Levine, Millie Bobby Brown (cusp), Justin Bieber.

Zoo’d character with your sign

Best pet

Cute “little” pets like hamsters, Guinea pigs, hedgehogs, or bunnies ^_^

Wear with pride:

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