If you were born between November 22 -December 21, then you are friendly, adventurous, and generally a free spirit who refuses to be tied down. Understandably, you want your friendships to be light-hearted and avoid the Debbie Downers and emotional vampires!

Thankfully, with your open-minded nature, you tend to be the least judgmental sign, and enjoy talking & laughing with people of all different backgrounds ^_^

Overall, you’re more likely than most to be athletic, energetic and love to travel and go on outdoor adventures, so others have to work hard to keep up with your boundless energy!

Relationship ideas

At first it seems sort of “unfair” to pick just one of all your suitors (and you likely have several interested in you)… it’s totally fine to date more than one person when young & single, as long as you’re honest with everyone. And being a Sagittarius, you have no problem with blunt honesty, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Others who would appreciate your refreshing honesty may be a fellow Sag, Gemini, Aquarius or Leo.

Career ideas

You enjoy travelling and experiencing new things (learning new languages, trying new food, etc.) so working for an airline may be a way to go. You could also be a great English as a Second Language teacher in a foreign country where you can make new friends and immerse yourself in a fascinating culture.

In addition, you have an over-the-top confidence and colorful personality, so you could also be a good children’s entertainer or pet trainer.

Your color(s)

Red, orange, yellow and basically anything that relates to a beautiful sunset.

Celebrities with your sign

Simon Helberg (Big Bang Theory’s Howard), Taylor Swift, Mayim Bialik and Kaley Cuoco (Big Bang Theory’s Amy and Penny, respectively), Christina Aguilera, Ben Stiller, Walt Disney ^_^

Zoo’d character with your sign

Best pet

In addition to a high-energy dog who loves to run, you may enjoy a colorful “talking” pet like a parrot (you can teach it naughty words, haha).

Wear with pride:

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